Summer time and Freedom

This post is quite a bit past due but I just found these pictures and didn't want them to fade from memory and get lost on a hard drive forever so excuse me while I reminisce.  As a great thank you for your patience you will also see me in one of these pictures below.   (See kids I did do fun things with you!)

The boys were not really into the picture thing...but this is our first picture with all the Dawkins grandchildren! 

We had only been home from China for 2 weeks about the time the 4th of July rolled around this year.  And with a brand new American citizen in the family we had an extra reason to celebrate.  Not sure what she thought of all of this HOT fun but she went along with it.

Actually the day before too cute not to put on the blog somewhere!
 We spent this 4th out at Mamma's and Poppa's house (my in-laws) on their property for an old fashioned fourth filled with horse shoe games, sack races, and watermelon.  Not to mention slip in slide races.
I participated and lost miserably!  

We all joined in and made great memories!  Most of all I just loved the time spent relaxing and catching up on all that had happened in the weeks leading up to this and seeing Caroline join in and enjoying being a part of not only our immediate family but our extended family as well.

I found this verse in 1 Peter 2:16 that I find helpful as I reflect on freedom and what that really means for how we should live our lives "Exercise your freedom by serving God, not by breaking the rules.  Treat everyone you meet with dignity. Love your spiritual family. Revere God. Respect the government."


  1. I love this post. I especially love the picture of the Dawkins grand kids. The boys all look like they had a little too much 4th fun. Robert and Teresa went all out to make this a memorable 4th for all of you. I love all my extended family. Good work Julie. I love to read your blog.

  2. Thanks Regina! And thanks for commenting ON the blog so I can remember comments too as years go by :) Believe it or not the "Dawkins grandkid" picture was done when we first got there. I think the boys were ready to play! They get so excited to see each other and then we make them sit for a picture. That one will be treasured forever funny!!

  3. Love all your blogs!!! Glad you are doing more of them. Love the glimpse into your life!! What a fun 4th!!! The pictures are great...and you and Grant are blessed w/ great families that surround you!!! ...lastly, I LOVE the verse!!!

  4. Thanks Terri!! We are truly blessed and grateful knowing not everyone has the opportunity. But also wanting everyone to know they don't have to be alone. God is the perfect companion in life.


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