The Persimmon Perch - Senior Pictures Backlit at Sunset with fence rail
I would like to be able to tell Seniors in High School that zits disappear with age and that in your 20's and 30's they will be a thing of the past...sadly this just isn't true.  Often Caroline is asking about a "Boo boo" I have and doing her "sad face"while telling me "Saaaad face"when in reality it's just a zit.  Yep they still happen, thankfully not as often but still there.  And lucky us we have photoshop to help us in this department so you can erase them from your memory and memories!
The Persimmon Perch - Senior Pictures
All Seniors have zits...except for one lucky duck who didn't on her picture day!  This is my gorgeous niece who will probably kick me for talking about zits and her on the same page.  But this time those two things just don't go together because I couldn't find one and I looked super close.
The Persimmon Perch - Senior Pictures with Hay Bale
The Persimmon Perch - Senior Pictures next to Haybales
She lives near Edmond and goes to Deer Creek Schools she is a super intelligent chica who takes after her aunt ;)  She loves to draw and music is in her blood.  She plays at least 3 instruments that I know of and is kinda a big deal with the band.  I pretty sure she is the drum major but I don't think she actually plays the drums...that's what her little sis does.  College choice is still up in the air last I heard but she does have plans to go somewhere my preference is still OU but some school in Stillwater is recruiting her hard or Grant is mailing her pamphlets daily.  (We are a house divided around here!)
The Persimmon Perch - Senior Pictures in the field
The Persimmon Perch - Senior Pictures Backlit at Sunset
She came up to Tulsa last weekend and we went out in the pastures for some casual senior pictures for her yearbook.  One day this year I hope to visit and do some more urban ones that represent where she is from.  By the way if you ever have to wade in tall grass for the perfect picture or your photographer tells you to wade in tall grass pray that you won't find a snake with each step and wash immediately.  Because Chiggers are way worse than zits!  Sydney had none, I had 10 (had to put back on my same clothes after my bath to go home), and my wonderful reflector holder got distracted and had a multitude....very "saaaaaad face"!
The Persimmon Perch - Senior Pictures Backlit at Sunset
Seriously not ONE zit! ;)


  1. Oh, she is gorgeous. This lovely face makes photography much easier, doesn't it, Julie? She looks like her beautiful grandmother especially in the bottom picture.

    1. Yes she made it easy! And she was so relaxed it was super fun!


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