Dark and Lonely

Here are some of my new favorite pictures of my children.  Why?  Besides the fact that they are mine; I like to look at pictures that are large and that enhance an area of my house.  These are the four pictures I used to fill in my dark and lonely spot.

Here she is my dark and lonely spot a good waste of square footage (we don't have much so this is particularly annoying).  For 3 years she has been this way;  with no better idea of how to fill it Savannah's little chair sits there.  Until now...  
I was never in love with this framing arrangement so I disassembled this...
and made my forgotten space my favorite place now that it looks like this...
The white mats brings life to that area now and the new pictures are now some of my favorites.  

I am still at a loss of what to put over the couch now; but at least I don't have to stare at my discarded corner anymore.  I figure at least 6 feedings a day lasting an average of 30 minutes each means I am staring at this corner 3 hours a day...


  1. I don't know how I stumbled across your blog, but I love it. And PS, those pics of your children are beautiful! I'm your newest follower :)

  2. What darling photos of your children! How did you manage to keep her asleep while you transferred her to the scale? My favorite is of your little girl and the basket. Lovely photo!

  3. Those pictures are fabulous. Your children will treasure them and can feel your love.

    I think living with a space and decorating it is so much better than just putting things up to fill the space. Your results were worth the wait.

  4. I love those pictures and the arrangement!!! So precious :)

  5. Lovely pictures and in just the right spot of your house! I still need to add a lot of stuff to my own walls!

  6. So cute! I was planning to do some redecoration of our frames in our living room. This is really great ideas.


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