Made it Monday 2.28.10

This week I worked on a small project updating our bib situation.  Some of you may remember that I made these no sew bibs out of a large plastic (felt lined) tablecloth. I had so many that I am just nearing the end of my stack.  As soon as they got "worn" looking I threw them away and pulled out a new one.  At this point I'm just sick at looking at them...every day at least 3 times a day.  

On Wednesday of this week I ran across new spring plastic tablecloths for $5 that I knew just what to do with.  I pulled out my scissors and cut away.  
Now that she is in bed I have realized this is the only picture I took of her wearing her new bib!  

What have you MADE???


  1. I made those at C-mas and love them. Such an easy idea!

  2. Hi Jules!
    This is such an AWESOME idea!
    I am saving this idea in my baby file!
    I cannot get over how awesome... especially when a tablecloth is 5 bucks and you can make oodles of bibs and a bib is 5 bucks and well.... you get one!
    Thank you!

  3. Cute bibs!
    Thank you for hosting!
    All Things Heart and Home

  4. Oh, she adorable. THe bib looks great too. Thanks for hosting again.

  5. What a sweetie!!

    Thanks for hosting.

    blessings on your week

    barbara jean

  6. The photo is adorable! I used to make my own bibs, too, because I didn't like the pre-mades.

  7. As a baby gift, I made a stack of cloth bibs for a mom to be so she could throw them in the washer.

  8. Wow, this party has some awesome ideas..I'm a first-timer here, hope my project fits the criteria! Couldn't find your button, though so I'll just link to the post.


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