Made it Monday

I been really busy this week and for some reason I forgot to tote my little camera around with me.  Even though I have made a few things I like many of you probably can't share them here since Christmas is just days away.  Can you keep secrets?  I am proving to myself that I can and that I will keep my mouth shut for a few more days!

One of the things I did do this week is make a newborn announcement for a brand new little client.  She was such a doll and quite a excellent poser!

The little writing at the top says, "Welcome to the world little one."
And just because I love this shot I'm going to show it off too.

Not too bad for 12 days old.  She is excellent at following directions and striking a pose :)

What have you MADE(That you are willing to share 4 days before Christmas!)

1.  Enter the link to the post you are showing off; not the home-page of your blog.
2. You must have a link back to Made it Mondays on your post somewhere so people can continue viewing everybody's creations.  You may also include the Made it Mondays logo (optional)


  1. She looks like a little baby doll-so precious! Love the pose too!

  2. oh boy oh boy oh boy! I made a silly mistake, and pasted something else to the linky gap. Could you please delete link #4??? I entered the good one right after :) So sorry! Thanks
    Holiday hugs, Erika

  3. Those announcements are adorable!
    I tried adding my link, but the Mcklinky says its closed! Darn it! I hate it when I am too late!

  4. Love your Blog Julie! I just added it to my reader. Looks like we read a lot of the same blogs. Wish you were closer so I could have you take pictures of Piper! So good to hear from you - Take Care

    ~ Alisha (Burson) Jenkins


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