Tote in Style

All the ladies in my family got together this afternoon do a little crafting.  This little tote was sooooo easy to make. 

First you take a paper doilies...

and use spray glue to attach it temporarily to the bag.
Next you use a little black fabric paint and dab it over the doilies.
Then pull off the doily while it is still wet and it will leave the design.  The lighter you are with the paint the better the design comes out.
                               Then I printed out the letter J cut it out and traced it onto the bag.
Then carefully fill it in with the fabric paint.  Let dry and use!
How fun are these!  Now go Tote Away!

This project came courtesy of Ashley Ann.


  1. That is the cutest! A friend of mine suggeseted we wrapp gifts in reuseable bags. I WIN WIN!! Thanks for the idea

  2. You girls are so crafty!!! these turned out adorable!

  3. I love these tote bags! Adorable!

  4. This is a fabulous idea - I love them!

  5. I love these!!! Adorable to say the least! Mama is making these for sure!
    Mama Holli

  6. Hey i wasn't there. I'm one of the girls. J k Sydney the niece


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