Welcome to Made it Mondays!

Made it Mondays is an opportunity for you to show off your skills and for you to get some recognition!  I think there is nothing worse than doing something for the first time or making something you think is great and no one notices.  I usually point out the masterpiece I've made to the Remington Man and he says, "Oh,... cool."  He means well but I just don't think men get it.  Now that I have written this I am laughing because I bet that is what I say when he kills something that is nearing a state record and shows it off to me. Of course, I am also thinking I need to find a way to make that taste good!

This Monday I am showing off some birth announcements that I have created...(maybe next Monday I'll show off my little niece due any day now!)

Here are a few social expectations for this party:
1.  Enter the link to the post you are showing off; not the home-page of your blog.
2. You must have a link back to Made it Mondays on your post somewhere so people can continue viewing everybody's creations.  You may also include the Made it Mondays logo (optional)
3.  Follow rule 1 and 2 or your link will be deleted.  You can always try again if you notice your link is missing from the party.

Let's get this PARTY started...


  1. Love your sweet photo announcements, Julie!! Sweet sweet babies are my favorite!! and I can't wait to see little miss Sophia either!

  2. What cute announcements--my favorite's the Dr. Seuss one.

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello!


  3. I laughed out loud about Remington Man just not getting it! I can totally relate. :)

    Love the birth announcement! The Dr Seuss one is my fav too.

  4. Oh those birth announcements are adorable! Nothing like that was available when my girls were born, many hundreds of years ago. Great idea for a blog party, too! I hope to join in next week... thanks!

  5. Your birth announcement cards are so cute!
    Thank you for visiting me and to answer your question I got the bee costume at Winner's(tjmaxx)a couple of years ago.It is so cute!Hope you can find one.


  6. What adorable announcements! Thanks for giving me the heads up on your blog party. I just added my link.

  7. Those announcements are great! I think the Dr. Seuss one is the cutest too!

  8. Love your birth announcements. I am trying to create something new everyday. I so need inspiration:0

  9. Beautiful and creative announcements! I hope to have one of my own soon - grand baby boy due any day now ;)


  10. I am cracking up!!! My husband is a hunter too, and we have exaclty the same conversation!!!!!!!!!! "Oh, you shot that sweet deer from 50 miles away? With an ABCD gun and a .1234 caliber bullet? That's great, babe."

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I've been out of town and away from the computer all this week, but I may post my sock animals on your "Made it Monday" next week. :) Happy to have been introduced to your blog!


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