We desperately need a date night. Got suggestions????

How long has it been since you are your spouse have been out on a date? 

Ours was last month and we went fishing.  Now before the
Remington Man gets too many ugly thoughts thrown his way I really
do like fishing; but I am ready for something different and low key.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

We don't have to worry about childcare thanks to some willing
and eager Grandparents who live nearby; but I only saved $25
out of our budget this month.  Which as many of you know doesn't
go far these days; I am just proud of myself that I put enough
importance on date night to include it in the monthly budget.

Now back to the questions at hand...What to do? and Where to go?


  1. I just ambled over here..I smiled when I read about your fishing date. You need another date! Go someplace where there is not much else to do but talk to each other--buy ice cream and walk in a new park--cheap and good for communication (and after 32 years of marriage, I have learned that is IMPORTANT!

  2. Thanks susan. We did go out to eat and went for a walk. It was wonderful. He even opened my door. I forgot what that was like since our normal routine is for him to get the baby in the car and for me to get all the stuff that comes with the baby.

  3. Thanks for viewing my DIY project! Come back again and see other date-night ideas that I post every friday! ;)


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